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Why Storage Offered by Moving Companies is Better

Storage units

Most professional man and van companies offer a wide range of extras to their clients. Aside from doing simple delivery jobs, they can also provide their customers with quality house removals in London. Aside from that, they have many additional services which often go unnoticed such as moving out cleaning, rubbish collection and packing. Among…

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Key Features a Reliable Moving Van Needs to Have

Small van for removals

The next time you are looking for a reliable van hire service in London, be sure to pick a company that can provide you with a fully-equipped and well-maintained moving vehicle. Aside from checking the price and the insurance options offered by the man and van firm, do not forget to ask about the basic…

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The Fundamentals of Westminster

Marble Arch in Bayswater, London

It takes time to get to know the Borough of Westminster because it is a place of contrasting communities, areas and concepts. This is a place that is made up of so many layers which can reveal many interesting secrets and sights once you start peeling them off. Many people do not even realise that…

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Additional Services for an Easy Office Move

A large storage facility

The easiest way to move office is by using the assistance of a local moving van specialist. This means that if your business is based in the SE1 area, you should rely on an equipped man and van in Bankside SE1. However, pick your removal company very carefully if you want to enjoy low prices,…

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Afraid of the big city? No reason for that

Aerial view of urban London

When a person is not used to the wide urban spaces, the business and all the hectic details that make up the lifestyle in a modern day metropolis, the experience can be pretty stressful at first. If you are soon to relocate to a big city such as London and you are worried about the…

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Pointers for Hackney Visitors

Grow, Hackney Wick

Located to the north-east of the City, at the comfortable distance of just 5 miles from Charing Cross, Hackney is indeed among the London boroughs that can be consider the best. It was formed, like the rest of the boroughs, in 1965 and at the present moment covers territory of 19.1 square kilometres. According to…

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Is It Time to Relocate?


Moving from one place to another is arguably one of the hardest and most stressful decisions that somebody could make. People relocate for a myriad of reasons but knowing when it is time to take that decision can be tricky. Here are six signs that it is time to pack your bag and change your…

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Good Places for Business in London

Shopping centre in Croydon

London is the financial capital in the world. The business environment here is huge and is characterised by the fierce competition demonstrated in every field. The good news is that if you make it in London, then you can make it everywhere. There are quite a few pretty attractive locations throughout the whole capital that…

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Three Formidable Districts in Westminster

Building in the City of Westminster

Westminster in an inner London borough that holds city status. It was formed in 1965 and is questionably the most important area of the English capital. The borough spans over 8.29 square miles, which makes it one of the smallest districts in the country. The last census shows that the area has an estimate population…

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Should You Leave the City for the Suburbs

London’s suburban districts

Over the past few years, a new trend has emerged in the UK capital – many Londoners have started to move from the city to the suburbs. That is especially the case with young people who can’t afford to pay rent in the capital’s more central districts. But aside from saving money, there are many…

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