Moving with Children: Ways to Turn a Move into a Game

The only constant in life is change – the older we get, the more we realise how accurate this saying is. That is why children have a harder time dealing with change than their parents. One particularly difficult and life-transforming change for kids is their first home move. If you feel stressed about your upcoming relocation, multiply that by 3 to get an idea about how your children view it. But there is no need to postpone the move. You can make this experience easy and fun for your kids by turning it into a game that features exciting activities like:

  • Painting
  • Competitions
  • Daydreaming
  • Partying

Any house move can turn into a fun game and the best bit is that you do not even need to have children to do that.

Let them paint on the boxes

During the first half an hour of the packing process, your kids may feel excited about putting stuff into different boxes but at one point they will get bored and would want to do something else. Often they may try to seek your attention which would distract you from focusing on the task at hand. A good way to keep the children occupied and to engage their attention into an activity that will not slow down your work is by encouraging your kids to paint or decorate the cardboard boxes.

Organise competitions

If you want your kids to take part in the move, you can make dull activities such as decluttering, packing and unpacking more interesting by turning them into a competition. Compete to see who will pack more boxes, wrap more plates or complete more tasks on the moving checklist. But you also need to come up with some good rewards for the winners. Otherwise, you will be the only one participating in this game.

Teach them how to daydream and visualise

There is nothing wrong about daydreaming. In fact, today life coaches have a new name for it – “visualising.” Visualising what your days will look like once you move can make you feel t and it will definitely give your kids something to be thrilled about. So, take the time to plan their new room together with them or even the layout of some of the common areas or the colour of the walls. Often times, children may feel neglected when adults make big decisions that affect their lives such as the decision to move to a new house. Let them in and make them feel part of the decision-making process.

Turn sad moments into a party

Don’t forget to let your kids say goodbye to your old home. They need that because it will give them closure and help them move on easily. The best way to do that is by having a party. Play some music, take plenty of photos, invite some relatives over but keep things light and informal. Let your children go wild a bit by doing things you normally would not allow them to do such as throwing a ball in the hallway, running barefoot in the backyard or eating a bit more chocolate than they should. That will help them associate their last hours in your previous house not with a heart-breaking experience but with joy and laughter.

We bet that if you use Titan Man and Van’s hassle-free furniture collection services in London, you will have more time to come up with other interesting ideas and way through which you can turn a relocation into the ultimate reaction for your children.