Moving homes in winter – how to tackle it

House in winter

Now that winter is more or less here, it would be a good idea to have a clear view on how you can manage moving homes during this period of the year. Winter is usually reserved for holidays, family reunions and what not, but sometimes you just need to relocate during that time, and the job might be tougher that you thought at first. But have no fear, there are several things that you can do that will help you tackle the project with just as much ease as any other time of the year.

The key to success is in preparation

The best way to avoid all the stress, hassle and strain that domestic relocations, especially during the winter months, is of course to properly prepare for the job. Specialists suggest that you start planning your move as early as possible, and when you are moving in tough weather conditions, you should add at least two weeks on top of that “as early as possible”. So, make sure that:

  • First and foremost, you should make sure that you have booked the right moving company for the job. Make sure that the movers have free time on their schedule on your moving day. Because there is a possibility of a very heavy rain/snow that day, so you should ask the contractor if in such a case they will be in a position to help you the next day. Finding the right moving company for your relocation is easy, all you have to do is a little research.
  • Get rid of all unnecessary items that you will not be bringing with you to the new place before the weather becomes really bad. Get a house clearance team, remove all trash, old appliances and unusable clothes. Either recycle, donate or sell online everything that you would not be packing. On one hand, this will turn the whole endeavor in a lot easier experience, on the other you will have to pay less for the move, because there will be less boxes to load on the van.
  • Ensure that everything with the parking around your current and new homes is in order. You would not want your movers to slip on ice while bringing your boxes across the street, right?
  • As the moving day approaches, check the weather forecast frequently. If there is a high chance of harsh weather at that time, you should consider postponing.

Once in the house

Now that you have finally arrived at your new place and all the boxes are unloaded, you will need to warm up the house/apartment, and the best way to do that is not via the AC, but rather by gathering your family and friends for  a house party. The love and affection that are going to fill up the rooms will make you feel comfortable and dispel the first bouts of post-removal depression, which tends to be pretty harsh during the winter.