Pointers for Hackney Visitors

Grow, Hackney Wick

Located to the north-east of the City, at the comfortable distance of just 5 miles from Charing Cross, Hackney is indeed among the London boroughs that can be consider the best. It was formed, like the rest of the boroughs, in 1965 and at the present moment covers territory of 19.1 square kilometres. According to the 2011 census, the population of Hackney is 273 500.

But what makes it so great?

First and foremost, it is the location. Hackney is, as we have already had the chance to mention, part of North London. Historically, it was developed as a settlement rather early, and the area had close connections to the expanding City for quite some time. At present, Hackney contains a number of really fine residential areas that are pretty attractive to anyone working in Central London, but it also benefits from the fact that it is relatively secluded from the major hassle and stress of the big metropolis. That’s what they call to “kill two birds with one stone”.

On the other hand, quite recently in its history – during the preparations for the 2012 London Summer Olympics – the Borough of Hackney went through a process of major gentrification and renovation. The reason for this was that it was one of the boroughs that played host to the Olympics. The Queen Victoria Olympic Park had a number of facilities that were within the territory of Hackney.

If I want to live here, where should I settle down

Hire a reliable man and van in Hackney Marshes and you will not be making a mistake. The residential area that is currently being referred to as Hackney Marshes takes its name from the eponymous grassland that lies on the west bank of the River Lea. Today the marshes are part of the famous Lee Valley Park, which is a rather beautiful place to escape to nature, without actually having to leave London.

Pictured: A view from Lee Valley Park

The Capital Ring walking route, as well as the paths along the River Lea as well as its many canals accommodates both walking and cycling. All in all, Hackney Marshes is a very sports and recreation-friendly location, perfect for people who have stressful jobs and need opportunities to just relax and kick back in the weekend.

Hackney EmpireNaturally, you can check out the town of Hackney E8 too. The main settlement in the borough is not simply an administration centre, it is also a cultural hub and the historic core of the area. Originally Hackney Village, it was developed mainly during the Victorian era and the many beautifully preserved buildings – including the local town hall – are a true testament to the glory of the era. Hackney is a great place to live in, lively and full of notable landmark. One of the most important buildings here is of course the railway station which gave surge to the overall development of the village into town. Hackney Empire is another landmark. It is one of the oldest surviving music halls in Britain as of today.

And two more areas

Serviced by great and highly affordable man and van services Haggerston is another place we would recommend to consider when looking for a home in Hackney. The area is located very near the city and has more of an urban feel than most other districts in the borough. It is known for its many amenities, the beautiful Haggerston Park and award winning schools such as the Grade II listed Haggerston School and the Bridge Academy, among others.

Grow, Hackney WickThe last locality we would like to bring your attention to is Hackney Wick E9. It is located right on the border with Tower Hamlets. The area benefited greatly from the rejuvenation done prior to the Olympics, but other signs of improvement that make Hackney Wick not only an up and coming area, but already one of the best places to live in north-east London are present here. The local artistic community is pretty strong for example. Mother Studios, Elevator Gallery, The Residence, Decima Gallery and Show Dome are just a few of the many artistic venues that actively shape the local landscape. The area is yet to further develop and improve, so hurry up before property prices rise through the roof.